Rehab Transportation | Our Staff


Reliable, Safe & Responsible Drivers

Rehab Transportation preforms a complete screening and training regimen for each new hire. Our drivers are also professionally trained caregivers.

All of Rehab Transportation’s drivers must:

  1. Possess a valid Michigan Chauffeur driver’s license
  2. Have a safe driving record
  3. Complete Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers’ orientation and training for new caregivers, including First Aid, CPR, Handle With Care, medication administration, making safe transfers wheelchair to vehicle, wheelchair tiedowns, and general TBI instruction.

Our employment screenings include:

  1. Employment Reference Checks
  2. Criminal Background Checks
  3. Employee Health Screenings 
  4. Drug Screenings
  5. A review of the applicant’s driving record for points and serious offenses

Upon hire, all employees are guided through the following:

  1. An overview of company policies (Including our Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy, No-Smoking Policy, Sexual Hararssment Policy, Firearm Policy, Cell Phone & Texting Policy, & Driver Code of Conduct)
  2. Customer Relations Training
  3. HIPAA Training
  4. The needs of those using mobility aids (ex. Wheelchairs)
  5. The needs of passengers with Brain Injury/Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  6. CPR/First Aid Training
  7. Fire Extinguisher Use Review
  8. Use of Wheelchair Lift and Restraints
  9. Incident & Accident Reporting Process


Each driver has completed thorough training including CPR, crisis prevention and first aid certification and is experienced in caring for individuals with special needs including brain and spinal cord injuries.